New features in RoadAI

New features in RoadAI
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RoadAI is your trusted companion for planned and reactive road maintenance. You can generate a comprehensive assessment of your road network in hours with the power of computer vision, for a fraction of a cost.

It is a software-as-a service solution for automated road defect detection and asset inventory analysis.

RoadAI combines a user-friendly Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology tool, high-quality video data, and reliable methodology to quickly and accurately assess pavement surface conditions up to four times faster and at half the price of a manual road survey.

Road analysis powered by computer vision


Our priority is to continuously develop the system and support our customers’ maintenance decisions. We always encourage our users to provide feedback, and we want to understand the goals and challenges of their everyday work. This information is then used in our roadmap prioritization process. 

Here are some new features that will be released in 2022:

1. Road marking detection and automated inventory creation

  • Fully automated detection of road markings (e.g. speed limits, give way signs, stop signs, arrows)
  • Tools for condition rating and action planning
  • Road markings report creation 

2. Improved support for road network geometries - metadata based data filtering

  • Filtering and reporting of RoadAI data based on the road geometry metadata - such as road class, speed limit, area code

3. Improved detection capability with panoptic segmentation

  • The latest and most advanced computer vision modelling with enhanced defect and object detection accuracy

4.    Cycleway surveys with driven lane detection

  • Possibility to survey cycleways and attach the results to a cycleway specific road geometry 
  • A driven lane mode that enables surveys on cycleways that run next to the carriageway, without the fear of mixing carriageway and cycleway survey analysis

Want to know more? You can get in touch with our team Contact - Xweather or visit our website for more information RoadAI - Xweather.

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