Senja Leivo appointed as a member of CIGRE Study Committee

Senja Leivo
Miia Lahti
Communication Manager
Published: Sep 7, 2020
Power Generation and Transmission

Vaisala’s Senja Leivo has been appointed as a member of one of the Study Committees in CIGRE, the Council on Large Electric Systems. CIGRE is among the most influential industry organizations in electric power systems in the world.

Senja Leivo, a Senior Industry Expert in Vaisala’s Industrial Measurements, has joined CIGRE’s Study Committee D1 which focuses on materials and emerging test techniques. The nomination period for the position is two years, with the option of extending for a maximum of 6 years. In her role, Senja Leivo represents the Finnish national power industry.

What is CIGRE?

CIGRE is a global non-profit organization, which has the world's leading knowledge
development program of power system expertise. CIGRE community consists of 1250 member
organizations and leading professionals from over 90 countries.

Working for the good of power industry

CIGRE works within 16 domains, each which its own expert Study Committee and program of work. These domains are the “engine rooms” that focus on power system knowledge development. The results of CIGRE’s work are used, for example, as the basis for IEC standards. 

“I am very excited about this opportunity to work together with the top experts in this industry. For several years, I have been a member in CIGRE working groups, however this seat in the Study Committee gives us a possibility to learn from the others, share our views and contribute to the discussion about the future development of new materials and testing methods of power systems,“ Senja Leivo comments.

“We at Vaisala are very happy to have Senja onboard this CIGRE committee. Vaisala invests significantly in research and development across a variety of industries including the power transformer monitoring. It is not only an honor, but also important for us to participate in CIGRE’s international co-operation in this area and contribute to its activities on a national and global level. It gives us a platform to discuss new needs and address the challenges in the industry,” says Pasi Iisakkala, Power Product Area Manager of Vaisala’s Industrial Measurements. 

Inspired by the technology and science

Senja has been working at Vaisala’s industrial business since 1999. In her current role as a Senior Industry Expert for power transformer monitoring, she provides technical support for sales and customers globally. She is also the customers’ voice in R&D projects focusing on transformer applications and a contributor to the continuous competence development on power transformer monitoring in Vaisala. 

Prior to the current position, she has held various positions in product management as well as in business frontline. Biggest achievements are tough to identify, but the one of the most remarkable is easier. 

Senja Leivo says: “It’s been rather long journey already with Vaisala. Of course, introducing the OPT100 DGA Monitor has been a big part of my work in the past years. Being member of the development team from the very beginning, the market entry planning, and contributing to the actual business development has been very inspiring and exciting. This and other tasks have taken me deep into the business core, and over the last few years I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of people from the electric power industry globally. This is something I treasure also in my role at CIGRE.

Senja’s keen interest and knowledge of technology keeps her going.  

“I’m inspired by technology and science-based challenges. Deep understanding of our customers’ measurement needs and willingness to exceed expectations are key for creating the best measurement solutions, not only for our customers, but also for the entire industry,” Senja concludes.

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