The hidden opportunity of the GRF framework (It’s about much more than compliance)

BLOG: The hidden opportunity of the GRF framework
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With the Nov. 4 Global Reporting Format (GRF) deadline fast approaching, airport leadership teams have compliance on their mind. And they should — this is a fundamental regulatory change from ICAO that changes airport runway condition reporting and safety obligations.

And, yes, Vaisala will help you quickly and easily achieve GRF compliance according to ICAO rules about runway reports and safety. This is the solution.

But addressing GRF is a much greater opportunity, not just a compliance hurdle. With one technological upgrade, almost any airport on the planet can:

  1. Easily and confidently meet GRF requirements
  2. Free up valuable personnel and financial resources
  3. Take the subjectivity (and substantial risk) out of runway condition reporting
  4. Complete a meaningful digital transformation for the organization

Ways to learn more

We’ve collected some of our best GRF resources into one checklist with the goal of helping you comfortably meet the new runway condition reporting requirements — and plan for better, more efficient, safer, less disrupted airport operations.

  1. eBook: ICAO’s GRF framework in practice
    What does the GRF framework mean on a practical level? What are airports’ obligations for ICAO compliance, what’s really changing, and what’s the most efficient way to enhance safety and operational continuity?This concise, detailed eBook provides the answers to these questions and more, plus an introduction to the ideal technological solution: the Vaisala Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter.
  2. On-demand webinar: Adjusting to ICAO’s new GRF regulation
    How can airports harness new tools to comply with the GRF framework while gaining efficiencies and even cost savings? Where does automation come in?

    This webinar features industry experts who explain how you can turn the new framework from a regulatory burden into an opportunity for your organization.

  3. Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter in detail
    Vaisala’s Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter is the best solution for GRF — and for improving winter operations in general.

    Built on our proprietary Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30 sensor and Vaisala RoadAI technology, the Reporter performs up to 40 surface-state measurements per second. It measures a wide range of direct measurement parameters including frost, ice, snow, slush, and water coverage. This information lets decision-makers know what contaminants, and how much of them, is on the entire runway — dramatically improving decision-making, objectivity, and awareness.


Next steps

If you read the above resources, you saw that the Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter enables an upgraded digital ecosystem for your airport, better winter weather practices, and accurate, objective runway conditions reporting in ICAO-compliant GRF format.

Next step? Turn the opportunity into action. Vaisala has been doing this for 80+ years, leading the industry in its scientific development — so we’re ready for GRF and we’re ready for you.


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