Meet some of us: Juulia, Delivery Capability Manager

Meet Some of Us;Juulia Loisa
Working at Vaisala

“There are different opportunities to change roles and learn new things, based on your own interests.”

I have held several positions during my years in Vaisala. After my maternity leave in 2008, I was looking for new challenges and applied for the open position of Radiosonde Process Engineer. In my application, I wrote that it would be my dream come true to work for Vaisala, and I have to say I haven’t regretted my decision.

As Process Engineer, my main task was to improve the quality level of the RS92 radiosonde. It was a joint effort with R&D, product management and production and realized during 2010, resulting in a remarkable improvement in the quality level and Vaisala Quality Award. Working with really intelligent and capable professionals and the keen interest of the top management truly inspired me.

For a long time, I wanted to work as a manager, managing especially professional work. So when the internal recruitment for LCM (Life Cycle Management) Manager opened, I applied and was chosen for the position. Starting in 2012, I was team leader for project managers. My team was responsible for taking all new products into production and ramping down old ones. Over the years, the team grew from 6 members to 12: it was a global team with project managers also from Boulder reporting to me. I gained a lot of experience in people management, change leadership and handling a virtual, multicultural team – all things that I had always wanted to do and learn.

During 2015, the organizational structure in Operations, my unit, was changed, and I was chosen as Delivery Capability Manager in the instrument factory. My team consists of project managers, responsible for bringing new products to production, and process engineers, responsible for maintaining and developing the existing products. The combination of hectic everyday operational work and long-term development is a puzzle that I’m always solving.

For all these years, I have enjoyed working for Vaisala. The size of the organization is very convenient. With such support functions as HR, legal and facilities, you don’t have to do every single thing yourself. The organization is big enough for you to develop professionally: there are different opportunities to change roles and learn new things, based on your own interests. On the other hand, it is small enough for you to really make a difference with your own actions.


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