Meet some of us: Joel, Business Solution Manager in Group IT

Meet Some of Us: Joel, Business Solution Manager in Group IT
Working at Vaisala

“Anyone interested in making the world a better place, step-by-step, would certainly enjoy working in Vaisala!”

I first heard about Vaisala when searching for a summer job in 2011. To be honest, I was late in the process and Vaisala was one of the very few interesting companies that had any open positions left at that time.

I started my Vaisala career as Project Trainee and was part of a team that developed a Balanced Scorecard (“KPI map”) solution for the R&D Project Office. Majority of the KPI’s were delivered by Vaisala’s Business Intelligence (BI) solution. 

I found the BI solution so interesting that I took the initiative to learn it “hands-on” during my traineeship – and with results, as after the Balanced Scorecard Project was completed, I was offered a Trainee position in the Business Intelligence team of our Group IT function. Needless to say, I took the opportunity.

While I was ending my studies in Lappeenranta University of Technology (Industrial Engineering & Management), I got the opportunity to do my thesis in Vaisala. After the thesis, I worked as a Business Intelligence Specialist for a few years before starting in my current role, in which I lead a team responsible for developing Vaisala’s BI solution in close cooperation with different stakeholders within Vaisala. 

In practice, our team maintains and develops the BI Data Warehouse and BI Data Model as well as supports the Business Analysts. In more general terms, we help to find answers to business questions with the help of technology. As such, my first Vaisala summer proved to be very meaningful for my whole Vaisala career.

I believe that as a company Vaisala does good things and truly contributes to a brighter future globally. I find my position meaningful because I believe our team can positively impact Vaisala’s goals, and at the same time the actual work is challenging as well as interesting. There is a lot of buzz around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which are tightly related to Business Intelligence! 

Vaisala is a great employer! There are always opportunities for professional growth, and you are allowed to take responsibility as well as show initiative, which is visible in Group IT as well. Anyone interested in making the world a better place, step-by-step, would certainly enjoy working in Vaisala!

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