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Senja Leivo
Senja Leivo
Senior Industry Expert
Published: Nov 27, 2019
Power Generation and Transmission

In our popular, free-to-watch webinar, I explain the fundamentals of dissolved gas analysis in power transformers and how the Vaisala Optimus™ DGA Monitor can help maintain transformer health and avoid critical failures.

Finding faults with gas analysis

If there is a fault in a transformer, one – or several – of seven gases will form: methane, ethane, ethylene, acetylene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or hydrogen. The type and amount of gas can reveal both the nature and severity of the fault. DGA online monitoring is the only online method capable of identifying the majority of internal faults – by detecting faults early, it allows timely corrective action to be taken before severe transformer failure, as well as reducing lifetime maintenance and repair costs. Online DGA monitoring also increases safety during transformer end-of-life, as well as making sure any faults in new transformers caused by manufacturing, transportation, or installation are promptly identified.

How to choose an online monitor

There are many questions you may want to ask when considering an online monitor for your transformers:

  • What is the expected lifetime?
  • How is the oil sample prepared?
  • What kind of spare parts will I need, and how often will they need replacing?
  • What are the calibration needs, costs, and interval?
  • How reliable is the monitor in terms of accuracy and repeatability?
  • What are the lifetime operational costs?
  • How long does installation take and can we do it ourselves?

The webinar covers each of these questions and explains how to ensure you get the right solution for your installation first time. It also explains the advantages of online DGA monitoring, and how to take an approach that factors in the total cost of ownership. To find out more about online DGA monitoring and the maintenance-free Vaisala Optimus™ DGA Monitor, watch the full webinar now at the link below.

Watch the webinar >>

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João Victor Mendes Rocha

Dec 2, 2019
Achamos uma peça de vaisala não sabemos o que eh

Vaisala Customer Service

Dec 3, 2019
Já encontrou um balão meteorológico?

As radiossondas são lançadas por diversos clientes, como institutos nacionais de clima, organizações ambientais e de pesquisa. Normalmente, os nossos clientes equipam as radiossondas com instruções sobre como descartar ou retornar a radiossonda.

A Radiossonda Vaisala que encontrou não representa nenhum perigo para você. Se houver instruções na tampa da radiossonda para retornar o dispositivo, siga-as. Se desejar manter a radiossonda, remova e recicle as baterias. Se não houver instruções para devolver o dispositivo e você não quiser mantê-lo, elimine-o seguindo as diretrizes do seu país para a eliminação de resíduos elétricos. Os restos do balão em si, se houver, podem ser eliminados com o lixo doméstico.

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