Vaisala Launches its RoadDSS® Road Condition App for the Apple iPad

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Vaisala, a global leader in innovative weather solutions for road maintenance and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) has released the RoadDSS Road Condition App for the Apple IPad. The latest addition to the Vaisala iRWIS total road weather solution, which is designed for winter maintenance professionals to quickly access critical road weather data on the go.

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The RoadDSS Road Condition App is available to winter maintenance organizations currently subscribed to the Vaisala hosted RoadDSS road weather service around the globe. Simple to use, data is primarily map-based, enabling easy access to road weather observational data and camera images collected from the customer's road weather stations.

The Vaisala Road Weather Information System (RWIS) is a roadside weather station that collects both atmospheric and road conditions and transmits the data into a Vaisala cloud database. From this secure and robust database, customers can access the data using a computer, or now, through the IPad. The Vaisala RoadDSS Software Suite is a collection of web interfaces that are scaled to meet the customer's needs. If they only need to view current conditions then a more simplified version is available. For agencies who need more than just current conditions, for example, surface weather forecasts and treatment recommendations on whether to apply chemical to the road surface, a more advanced interface is available. The Road Condition App provides a more mobile way for decision-makers to see their data, and make decisions on the go.

For the first time, Vaisala users are now also able to access lightning proximity data from Vaisala's National Lightning Data Network (NLDN) and Global Lightning Data (GLD360) network, illustrating the distance to the nearest strike and the number of strikes within 7 and 20 miles of any RWIS station. The lightning data will provide an additional non-winter time application to the iRWIS solution.

"Our customers rarely have the luxury to sit behind a computer and review the latest information to make a decision, and now the Vaisala Road Condition App allows them to see critical data anywhere they go," remarks Antero Järvinen, Director of Vaisala Road and Rail Business. "At Vaisala, we strive to offer our customers the most flexible solutions while ensuring we never sacrifice reliability and accuracy."    

The Vaisala RoadDSS Condition App is currently available free of charge to customers of Vaisala's cloud based data services.

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