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Sauli Laitinen
Design Manager
Published: Feb 6, 2018
Working at Vaisala

Pokemon Go. Ingress. Even Finland’s presidential elections on TV. Augmented reality is the hype of today, and it is the topic of one of next summer’s Giant Leap projects. The project “Augmented Reality” counts among the Software and IT Development projects. Below our Design Manager Sauli Laitinen tells more about the tasks for next summer.

The core of the “Augmented Reality” project is to explore and demonstrate how augmented reality (AR) will change and simplify the installation and maintenance of Vaisala’s products. You, the future Giant Leaper, will get to design an AR solution and drive the implementation of the proof of concept.

The project will start with a discovery phase, during which the potential use cases are identified. Once the best use case has been selected, you will drive the design and implement a prototype. With the end result, we will showcase, how AR can support the use of our products, and facilitate the strategic decision-making on how to proceed in this domain.

You will get to work as part of the UX team. Our team consists of nine design professionals with diverse backgrounds, ranging from UI design and industrial design to user research and usability evaluation. The daily work of the team consists of service design, interaction design, visual design and user research activities. In the issues related to software development, we collaborate with our software platform and architecture teams.

If you master both the design and development parts of this project, that’s great. However, do not worry if you are more comfortable in working with either design or development. You are here to learn, and we will help you out with the required skills. In our team, if you don’t know something, there is always someone to help you. That is the spirit of the team: helpful. Not to mention stylish, as our team has an excellent track record in winning the fancy dress competition in Vaisala summer party.

Curious mind and designer’s mindset and the keys to success in this project, but we appreciate a study background in AR/VR, UX design or software development. We hope you have strong interest in user-centered development and system architecture, with a hands-on attitude in developing the prototypes and validating them with end-users.

Application period has ended (Feb 11)!

Sauli Laitinen
Liftup: Contact Card | Feb 5, 2018

Sauli Laitinen

Design Manager

Sauli heads Vaisala’s User Experience team. The team is responsible for the service, industrial and user interface design and customer documentation activities in Vaisala’s R&D. The work includes all the aspects of user-centered design from user research and design to validation of the results with Vaisala’s customers and users. Sauli’s background is in Psychology. He has specialized in applying the psychological theory and research methods into the product and service design use.

Giant Leap is Vaisala's internship program for 3+ year students in a university or polytechnic. We'll hire up to 20 students for a period of three months over the summer to our head office in Vantaa Finland and our US head office in Louisville, Colorado. As a Giant Leap intern, you'll work either individually, in pairs or together with experienced Vaisala employees on real-life projects that have genuine business relevance.

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