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In this application note we look at the advantages and trade-offs in enterprise-level environmental monitoring systems. To illustrate the pros and cons of an enterprise system, we use three common applications divided by their geographical distribution and application type: National Warehousers, Regional Hospitals, and Global Manufacturers.

Within these three application types, we look at five operational areas that can offer advantages or create challenges, depending on the situation:  Security, Administration, Geographic Variation, Multiple Site Types, and IT Infrastructure.
For each application type, we provide links to several Vaisala customer cases where you can hear from the customer how the system functions in specific applications.

Mapping Sensor Placement Infographic:
A Quick Guide to Sensor Placement

This infographic outlines how to place sensors and ensure you have the correct number of sensors based on best practices in thermal validation. The infographic is a visualization of the process and includes links to a 1-hour webinar detailing mapping sensor placement and a white paper on mapping both ambient and refrigerated spaces.

Get the Infographic

Webinar on Mean Kinetic Temperature

In this webinar we outline the proper use of the mean kinetic temperature calculation in pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, including an overview of the regulatory guidance on MKT from the FDA, EMA, and ICH.

Vaisala's Senior Regulatory Expert Paul Daniel provides clear guidance for using MKT, including where it is beneficial in decision-making for regulated industries, and where it is not.

Articles on GxP Standards & Regulations

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Patricia Ferreira

Aug 22, 2018
Interested in participating in the webinar

Janice Bennett-Livingston

Aug 28, 2018

Thank you very much for your interest in this webinar! You can watch the recorded version here:

On that page you'll also find the webinar slide deck. If you have any questions, please email myself or our regulatory expert - [email protected]

Thanks again for requesting this webinar!


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