IRIS Focus getting ready for shipment. But what’s next?

IRIS Focus
Published: Nov 18, 2015
Weather & Environment

The successful launch of IRIS Focus happened at Meteorology Technology World Expo in Brussels in October. In the previous blog post I discussed the goal of creating a ‘wow’ factor for our customers, and after demonstrating IRIS Focus at the Expo, I am more and more convinced we have achieved that goal. Our sales team has also been busy with customer demonstrations, and they too have been receiving the same feedback, customers love the new IRIS Focus.

Now comes time for final systems testing, language translations, and documentation.  We have also been busy taking the feedback from Information Security audits and tightening security based on their recommendations.  Our demonstration website,, will be updated in the next few days with the final functionality.  Meanwhile, our field service engineers are completing their training on how to install, administer and support the product.  The final IRIS Focus will be ready for customer shipments in January 2016.

Soon we will be setting our sights on what comes next with IRIS Focus. Generally, I can say we have more ‘wow’ planned for our customers and once again our software engineers are excited to work on the next version, like kids in a candy store. Instead of fretting over all of the little, but important, details during the final stage of the product release, it is once again time to get creative.   Stay tuned to this blog to see a preview of the new capabilities we are working on, and maybe we’ll even throw in a few screenshots or videos when the time is right.

If you haven’t already, please sign up here to try out the IRIS Focus demo.  I know you will like it. 

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