Internship That Takes You to the Space and Back

Satellites around Earth
Jarmo Hietanen
Research Scientist
Published: Feb 5, 2019
Working at Vaisala

“Nanosatellite” is one of the intriguing R&D Giant Leap intern projects that we have to offer for next summer. Jarmo Hietanen, Senior Scientist (Weather and Environment Business Area) reveals us more about the exciting project.

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In addition to our planet, Vaisala’s measurement instruments have also been utilized in space missions. Nanosatellites, on the other hand, are a current trend and continue to be even more so in the future, which is why we are interested in studying them more. Nanosatellites can be loosely defined as satellites that weight under 10 kilograms. They are a new way of operating and observing this planet from space, but despite their small size they can perform almost all the same things as a traditional satellite.

As such, nanosatellites are certainly unique, as is this project. Next summer, the Giant Leap intern will get to dive into research on the purposes of current nanosatellites in order to provide us with an overview on their measurement techniques and business models, for example. Based on this data, you will analyze, what measurement principles have been applied and whether the selected technology meets the original needs. 

Along the technological aspect of the project, there are also business-oriented tasks in the project. You also get to conduct a study on the business models that have been used to collect nanosatellite funding and what kind of continuous revenue stream has been collected in nanosatellite projects.

This combination of technology and business, coupled with the truly fascinating and current space-related topic, give this project its unique flare. This multidimensional approach is a key attribute in our project and is an extraordinary opportunity for technological students.

Due to the multidimensional perspective, the dream intern candidate for this project is an open-minded, curious and innovative student with analytical skills. We also hope you are also able to show us that you have some combination of technological skills, space and measurement technique as well as business understanding.

Application period is open until Feb 10, 2019! 

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