Is Your Humidity Sensor Robust Enough?

Is your HUMIDITY Sensor Robust Enough?
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Many companies still struggle with measurement instruments, which have low-quality sensors. They are easily available but also easily broken. In addition, they start drifting even in mildly corrosive environments. Choosing robust sensor technology that is quick to respond is crucial in all environments but especially corrosive ones.

Vaisala's HUMICAP® sensor technology has always been recognized for its accuracy and stability, but we continuously strive for improvements. We have been working with measurement technologies since 1936, and invested 11,9 % of revenue in R&D during 2016. One of our most recent innovations is the HUMICAP® R2 sensor which incorporates improved corrosion resistance to the sensor, particularly in acidic environments.. This extremely robust sensor technology is achieved by re-designing the construction of the sensor and improving the protection against corrosive agents. The HUMICAP R2 design has been tested in several atmospheres containing chemicals such as hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.

All the new interchangeable Indigo family humidity probes and now also the Vaisala HMT330 Series probes are equipped with this new HUMICAP® R2 sensor.


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