Researching Artificial Intelligence in the Aviation Market

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Kari Luukkonen
Offering manager
Published: Jan 23, 2019
Working at Vaisala

“Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Aviation Markets” is one of the business development projects in Vaisala’s Giant Leap internship program next summer 2019. Kari Luukkonen, Offering Manager for Vaisala’s Weather Systems, told us more about the project.

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Aviation is a globally and economically large industry where Vaisala has a significant role in the Weather and Environment Business Area. This Giant Leap project gives a unique opportunity to see and learn, what kind on of role Vaisala has in this market, and to research new and novel ways of doing business to improve aviation safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The Giant Leap intern will get a possibility to impact Vaisala’s aviation strategy and future ways of doing business by using new technologies and business models. The objective of the project is to study business opportunities and potential of using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for solving challenges and improving operations in aviation industry. 

In practice, the intern will conduct a market study of ongoing AI/ML activities and market players in the industry with focus on applications where weather plays or could play a role. By the end of the summer, they create a proposal, summarizing where and how Vaisala could use AI/ML and identifying areas for further development. 

The intern works with a team consisting of people from different parts of Vaisala: product and application managers, Weather and Environment sales, business development teams as well as our computer vision team. Moreover, there may be occasional customers contact points as well.

In our daily work, we interact a lot with each other and other teams. Typically our days are quite diverse, so the intern will get to work in a dynamic and versatile environment. At the start of the project, the work will be planned on high level, leaving room for lean adjustments as the work progresses.

The ideal candidate is an active person who is able to work with various kind of people. The team will provide the guidance and support, but the Giant Leaper is expected to be self-driven as well and search for information actively, contacting people and doing market research. The intern should be a business-oriented person with an understanding of the technologies and business possibilities of AI and ML. Understanding of weather phenomena and aviation industry is a plus.

Application period is open until Feb 10, 2019! 
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Read more about Giant Leap: 

Giant Leap is Vaisala's internship program for 3+ year students in a university or polytechnic. We'll hire up to 20 students for a period of three months over the summer to our head office in Vantaa Finland and our US head office in Louisville, Colorado. As a Giant Leap intern, you'll work either individually, in pairs or together with experienced Vaisala employees on real-life projects that have genuine business relevance.

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