Reducing Costs in Solar Asset Management - Upcoming Webinar

Cleaning Solar Panels
Naomi Stringfield
Marketing Manager
Published: Jan 16, 2017
Wind and Solar Energy 

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Learn from Industry Experts in a Live Webinar Series

The global solar business is booming – and the ramp up of operational capacity is increasing pressure on owners to optimize portfolio performance while keeping costs in check. How can you make sense of the large volume of incoming information and use it to your advantage?

PV Magazine is hosting a series of solar webinars and this question will be addressed by two industry experts in the first event moderated by magazine editor, Christian Roseland.


Learn how to leverage project, weather, and market data to conduct proactive maintenance campaigns rather than adhering to a set schedule or waiting for something to break. We will show you how to schedule activities such as cleaning or snow removal on a cost-benefit basis. You will also walk away with ideas for streamlining your operations, lowering costs, and providing smarter maintenance.


Edmée Kelsey, CEO and Founder of 3megawatt, a leading provider of renewable energy asset management software Edmee Kelsey

Gwendalyn Bender, Head of Solar Product Development at Vaisala, a global weather measurement and energy assessment specialist

Gwendalyn Bender

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