Meteorology Matters: Reducing Solar Uncertainty - Interview & Upcoming Webinar

Solar panels on a utility-scale solar project
Naomi Stringfield
Marketing Manager
Published: Jan 23, 2017
Wind and Solar Energy 

Accounting for Weather in Solar Project Financing

PV Magazine [Logo]In a recent PV magazine interview, Vaisala's solar expert, Gwendalyn Bender, answers important questions about the industry's key challenges related to:

  • The role of solar plant energy yield forecasts in financing
  • Conservatism of energy forecasts and its impact on financing terms
  • Steps developers can take to reduce uncertainty and the cost of financing
  • Current state-of-the-art solar energy assessment techniques and accounting for climate change

Click here to read the full interview.

For more on these topics, please join us for next week's webinar:

Reducing Solar Performance Uncertainty

Solar performance uncertainty is a fact that hounds utility-scale PV developers worldwide, especially in the pre-construction financing phase. How can you improve your odds and be sure you aren't leaving money on the table?

In the last webinar in a series hosted by PV Magazine, we will take a deep dive into the steps developers can take to increase their chances of getting a PPA or financing agreement on favorable terms. Our experts will cover choices such as equipment, EPC provider, and resource assessment techniques.



Lauren Ngan, Product Manager at First Solar, a leading module manufacturer and utility-scale project developer and operator Lauren Ngan of First Solar

Gwendalyn Bender, Head of Solar Product Development at Vaisala, a global weather measurement and energy assessment specialist

Gwendalyn Bender


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