Three Milestones for the Triton Wind Profiler

Triton Wind Profiler; staff of PRC Wind
Naomi Stringfield
Sep 10th 2018
Renewable Energy

This year, the Triton Wind Profiler reached three milestones: the tenth anniversary of its commercialization; the 1000th Triton sold; and 25 million hours of wind data gathered by Tritons deployed worldwide.

Initially designed to make remote sensing practical for the wind energy industry, Tritons were quickly adopted by a majority of the world’s leading wind energy developers and operators for use in measuring wind for applications ranging from wind prospecting, wind resource assessment, and monitoring wind conditions on working wind farms.  

These leaders of the wind industry transformed remote sensing from a cutting-edge technology into a mainstream source of wind data, used in bankable energy due diligence and wind energy forecasting and now being adopted for use in power curve testing.

One such leader is PRC Wind, a wind project developer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US. PRC Wind has developed more than 2000 MWs of successful projects throughout the United States over the past two decades. PRC Wind negotiated its first Triton purchase on an escalator at AWEA WINDPOWER many years ago – and recently took delivery of the 1000th Triton to be sold worldwide. 

As Jay Regnier, PRC’s VP Projects, says: “Triton is extremely useful to us because of its ruggedness and flexibility. We can use it to provide bankable hub-height data for use in our packages, to verify our prospecting efforts, and to cost-effectively reduce spatial and rotor height wind resource modelling errors.”
Tritons have been used in over 4,000 commercial wind measurement campaigns in more than 30 countries ranging from Finland to New Zealand. And Triton recently reached another milestone – Tritons have recorded 25 million hours of wind data.

"This is a testament to Triton’s increasing role in wind measurement campaigns worldwide,” says Tero Muttilainen, Offering Manager at Vaisala. “With a new operations center and a revamped customer support program, we are looking forward to continuing to help the wind energy industry grow.”

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