Vaisala Congratulates 100-Year-Old Finland

Finland´s blue and white flag
Kjell Forsén
Dec 6, 2017
Innovation & Inspiration

Today, we Finns wake up to a new, very special day: one that is unique and particularly touching.

 One hundred years of independence is not a given, and during the war, it called for great sacrifices. The war years still    have their place our grandparents’ memories, and throughout the years they have carried over to the generations of today. I am truly grateful to our war veterans, my grandparents and my parents for giving all that they have, building the Finland we know today. The Finland that is one of the most prosperous countries in the world, that is a good place to live and that offers the promise of a good life also to the generations to come.

Independence has not only granted us autonomy and freedom but it has also come to signify security and stability. Stability, predictability and a safe operating environment are important for companies and their success as well. Vaisala is grateful that it has been able to call Finland its home country for all of the over 80 years of its operation. Both Finns and Finnish companies are welcome everywhere in the world, which is something we are delighted to witness in our global business every day.

Vaisala has had a significant role in Finland’s story, often as a pioneer and an example to other Finnish companies. Throughout decades, Vaisala has innovated but we have also adopted know-how from elsewhere in an exemplary manner. In the spirit of innovation, we move forward, applying and developing modern expertise both in our products and working methods. At Vaisala, we understand that continuous development and controlled risk-taking are what make businesses flourish.

The ideology behind Vaisala’s founder, professor Vilho Väisälä, was to always aspire towards improvement – to strive for perfection. Following in Vilho’s footsteps, Vaisala has continued on the path carved by him: the “spirit of the prof” is alive and well in Vaisala. Our technology has spread to every corner of the world, and it has a meaningful role in ensuring the secure operations of our society in various ways. Likewise, we help companies operate effectively, safely and energy efficiently. High integrity is distinctive for all operations in Vaisala.

Nowadays, 98% of our customers are located outside of Finnish borders. We are proud to represent Finland and Finnish high-tech expertise globally.

With these words and thoughts, I wish everyone a special and memorable Independence Day.

Kjell Forsén
CEO, Vaisala


Vaisala Weather Balloon Ilmala
80 years ago –in Ilmala in 1937 – Vaisala sent a radiosonde up in the air to measure the atmosphere of the 20-year-old Finland. Today we celebrate the centenary of our beloved country. Vaisala wishes everyone a wonderful 100th Finnish Independence Day!


Kjell Forsén

President and CEO

Lic.Sc.(Technology) Kjell Forsén has been the president & CEO and the Chairman of Vaisala Management Group at Vaisala since 2006.


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