Saudi Arabia to Hold 700 MW Wind and Solar Tender

Wind map of Middle East - used for illustration purposes
Naomi Stringfield
Feb 11, 2017
Renewable Energy

Saudi Arabia's energy minister Khalid Al-Falih recently announced the country's first renewable energy tender. While the country is primarily known for its vast oil resources, its government is now awarding power contracts for projects totaling 700 MW, 400 MW of wind capacity and 300 MW of solar capacity. These contracts will be determined through a competitive bidding process and, as reported in Bloomberg, requests to qualify for bidding will be issued on February 20 and bids will be due on April 17. 

The government is targeting the Tabuk region in the northwestern corner of the country for wind project bids and solar plant proposals are to be built in the nearby al-Jawf region.

Wind and solar maps of Saudi Arabia

Vaisala's wind and solar resource maps above show long-term average wind speed and GHI (or Global Horizontal Irradiance, the key variable for PV projects) based on decades of information from our global datasets.  

With final bids due in a few short months, quickly targeting sites with strong resources and accurately calculating expected project generation are vital. The average annual values above are a starting point, but submitting a competitive auction bid requires a thorough understanding of project uncertainty and how month-to-month and year-to-year weather variations affect energy output.

Vaisala's experienced team of wind and solar experts is ready to support your measurement, resource mapping, and energy due diligence needs. Active in the renewable energy industry since 1980, we have delivered over 1800 resource assessments on 6 continents and our Triton remote sensing system has been used across more than 3500 deployments in 30 countries.

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