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Vaisala has its own mentoring program to support the professional development of its employees. We use mentoring as a method of accelerating employee development and provide learning opportunities for both the mentor and the mentee. Our fifth program took place 2016-2017 and this time the 48 selected participants came from multiple Vaisala locations as well as had very diverse professional backgrounds and roles in Vaisala. Both our mentees and mentors were highly motivated to start the program and share the learning experience.

The mentoring program is a 12-18 month program where mentees and mentors build a professional relationship. The program has a facilitated kick-off session, coaching during the program as well as a facilitated feedback session in the end. However, the core is built on regular 1-2 hour meetings between the mentor and mentee. Besides personal development the target is to increase cross organizational understanding by having mentee and mentor from different Vaisala units as well as to enhance leadership and coaching culture in Vaisala.

Based on the feedback received from participants in the closing session as well as through an anonymous survey, most of the mentoring journeys were very successful.

“My experiences participating in the Vaisala Mentoring program have been highly motivating. I have been lucky enough to be on both sides as a mentee and as a mentor. In both experiences, I was able to expand my network by building a relationship with someone outside of my direct business area.

As a mentee, at that time, I was new at management and the coaching provided by my mentor was truly inspirational for me at this point in my career. My mentor was able to challenge my growth and my personal and professional development, which I attribute to my continued success at Vaisala.

The program was personally rewarding for me as a Mentor. In particular, I was able to listen, provide coaching, and try different leadership styles in a safe environment. My mentee was able to give me feedback on my leadership and vice versa. To top it off, we formed a lasting relationship as female leaders in Vaisala.”
Nikki Hembury (Director, Global Customer Services & Project and Customers Services, North America)

Child at a hospital


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