Sustainability Is In Everything We Do

We aim to maximize our positive impact on society and the environment while reducing our harmful impacts and managing risks related to sustainability. Our business is built around creating value to our different stakeholders, which include customers, employees, investors, as well as society and the environment.

  • We provide our customers with solutions that help them make reliable decisions and improve their productivity and processes. 
  • Through our customers, we create value for society and the environment by increasing awareness, resource efficiency, and safety. We also have a direct impact on society through creating economic value, collaborating in the scientific community, and promoting scientific research and education.
  • To our employees, we create value by providing them with purposeful work, taking care of their well-being, and enabling them to learn and develop. 
  • Finally, we provide returns to investors from sustainable business that has a positive impact on society. 

While creating value to our different stakeholders, it is important for us to continuously promote responsible business practices in our own operations as well as in our global partner network. To this end, we – for example – aim to decrease our environmental footprint, protect human rights, ensure occupational health and safety, promote equality, and prevent corruption and bribery.

Vaisala's Value Creation Model