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Lightning Detection


Click an application below to learn how Vaisala lightning solutions can help you improve safety, planning and operations:

Airports & Aviation – Agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration use Vaisala lightning data to plan routes, and make dDefenseEnergy – Utilities use real-time data for day-to-day operational decisions, and historical data for fault analysis.Maritime – Transportation companies use lightning data for route planning and crew safety.Meteorology – The National Weather Service and many other world Met agencies use lightning data to improve warnings, keep commun

“The National Lightning Detection Network (and Vaisala's GLD360) ensures the NWS core mission of protection of life and property. It also positively impacts NWS numerical weather prediction (NWP) models and is used for issuing watches and warnings for convective storms.”

- National Weather Service, USA

The impacts of lightning can be severe, affecting assets and property, business operations, travel, and even our recreational activities. Vaisala understands the challenges lightning can bring to your business and operations, and for over 30 years we have been creating products and services that deliver critical lightning data to assist your decision-making.

Meteorological agencies around the world, the aviation industry, utilities, renewable energy generation, defense agencies, maritime operations, and other agencies depend on Vaisala’s accurate, timely lightning data to better serve their customers and you can too.

What's New


Vaisala leads the lightning industry, setting the standard for the world’s lightning detection needs. We defined the industry standards for accuracy, reliability, and efficiency.

  • Proven – Lightning solutions built on 75 years of proven weather measurement technology
  • Global – Successful establishment of over 90 lightning detection networks in 45 countries
  • Unmatched Performance – Greater accuracy with 70% fewer sensors
  • Scientifically Validated – Compared against rocket triggered lightning and other ground truth references for accuracy
  • Total Lightning – The first and only technology to detect and correctly discriminate between cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning
  • Lightning Anywhere – Our Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 is the longest running, high performance network, providing data anywhere in the world with no infrastructure required.

Products and Services

Vaisala uniquely combines precision networks, single point sensors, global lightning, lightning applications and support services. Our technologies allow you to protect lives and property, make timely, confident decisions, and mitigate the impact of lightning on your operations.

Expert Corner

Learn more about recent lightning events, technologies and research developments from Vaisala lightning experts.

Lightning Myths

Did you know all of the statements below are false?

  • Lightning won’t strike if it is not raining or cloudy.
  • A person just struck by lightning can electrocute you.
  • Lay flat on ground if lightning imminent.
  • Lightning is 100% deadly.

Density Maps

Click below to download our GLD360 and/or NLDN lightning density maps.

GLD360 Stroke Density Map 2012-2016 >>

NLDN Flash Density Map 2007-2016 (sq km)

NLDN Flash Density Map 2007-2016 (sq mi)

​Scientific References

Browse a list of scientific papers that have been published on real-time lightning detection networks. View alphabetically or year by year: