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Our Key Stakeholders



Vaisala's major customer groups are:

  • Meteorological infrastructure and services
  • Airport authorities and airlines
  • Road and rail organizations
  • Maritime
  • Energy industries
  • Life science companies
  • Industrial companies and integrators

Stakeholder activities:

  • Annual customer satisfaction survey across markets and regions.
  • Ongoing online survey for industrial customers.
  • Monthly online survey on technical support and services.
  • Ongoing feedback surveys on customer training and field service operations.



Vaisala employs nearly 1,600 professionals and their well-being is important to us. Our goal is a work environment that encourages innovation and offers the opportunity for long-term professional development. The corporate culture at Vaisala emphasizes reasonable hours and workloads. Furthermore, we believe that success comes from the work of dedicated employees who take care of their own well-being. We regularly monitor our staff for perceptions on their work. The results have shown us that not only are the members of our staff motivated by their assignments, but that they are proud to work for Vaisala and feel that their work is meaningful and rewarding. We are proud of these results and want to develop the company further, embracing our employees' commitment.

Stakeholder activities:

  • Annual staff survey for the entire staff and pulse surveys mid-year.
  • Performance and Development Cycle which incorporates annual development discussions, objective setting and performance review as well as a People Forum.
  • Internal development programs for managers and subject area experts, Vaisala Business Learning Program, LEAD-training and mentoring.


Investors, Owners and Financial Institutions

Vaisala Oyj is a publicly listed company on the NASDAQ Helsinki stock exchange. The largest individual shareholders include descendants of founder Professor Vilho Väisälä, Novametor Oy, Finnish pension funds and other financial institutions, and the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. The foundation donates its earnings from Vaisala shares to the Yrjö, Vilho and Kalle Väisälä Fund, which supports research in natural sciences. Other large shareholders include private households, private companies, and non-profit organizations. Foreign ownership amounted to 14.8% of share capital in December 31, 2015.

Stakeholder activities:

  • We arrange an interim results report and presentation and Q&A to investors, analysts and the media each quarter
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Stock exchange releases
  • Roadshows, investors and analysts meetings, conference calls and seminars.
  • We also set up meetings with institutional investors and organize events for analysts. The previous Capital Markets Day was held in Vaisala's Head Office in 2015.


Suppliers and Contractors

Vaisala seeks long-term partnerships with its suppliers and wants to build mutual trust between its partners. We do this by giving our partners a good insight into our demand forecasting, constructive performance feedback as well as our support and help. In return, we expect our suppliers to respect our values and vision, and enable our commitment to quality and sustainable production to preserve our reputation and high quality of our products.

Stakeholder activities:

  • ​Suppliers that cover more than 80% of Vaisala's total spend are part of a sustainable supply chain scheme, which includes sustainability scoring, on-site audits, performance reviews and ESG and compliance requirements to sub-suppliers.

Universities and ​​Research Collaborators

Research and development activities are a key prerequisite for Vaisala's success. We place a special emphasis on the continuous development of our expertise. Vaisala collaborates in several projects with meteorological authorities and leading research institutes in the field, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Colorado State University, and the US National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in the United States, and the American Meteorological Society. In Finland, Vaisala collaborates with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland and Aalto University. In Asia, Vaisala is working in many projects together with the Chinese Meteorological Administration's Institute of Urban Meteorology and the Nanjing University for Information Science and Technology (NUIST). Vaisala collaborates closely with a number of national meteorological offices around the world and is an active participant in UN's World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Vaisala also collaborates with the German Weather Service's Meteorological Observatory at Lindenberg and the Finnish Meteorological Institute on several projects.

Stakeholder activities:

  • ​Vaisala grants research scholarships to universities, students and researchers every year in the United States, China and Finland.

The Environment

The environment is not only at the core of our business, it is also an important stakeholder for us. We have always regarded the natural environment as something captivating and something we need to measure carefully. As our products are directly linked with natural phenomena, we find it important to understand these phenomena and relate to them in our work.

Stakeholder activities:

  • We encourage our staff to take a general course in meteorology and arrange expert talks in our offices, at conferences, and in schools and universities.

Regulators and Decision-makers

Various government bodies stipulate regulations that directly affect both Vaisala and its customers. Lately, regulations concerning hazardous substances and conflict minerals, put forward through EU and US legislation, have directly impacted Vaisala's supply chain and customers.

Stakeholder activities:

  • Vaisala constantly monitors upcoming regulation e.g. through relevant industry organizations and legislators.

External Organizations ​​and Interest Groups

Vaisala is a member of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, and has members in several of the Federation's expert working groups. Vaisala is also a member of the International Chamber of Commerce Finland (ICC) and our experts participate in ICC's working groups.

Vaisala is a member of the Finnish Water Forum, a joint public-private cooperation platform that represents the variety of actors in the Finnish water sector. Moreover, Vaisala is part of the Finnish Corporate Responsibility Network FIBS, and the Finland based Climate Leadership Council CLC.

Vaisala is a Sustaining Member of the American Meteorological Society and is a sponsor of its Freshman and Undergraduate Scholarship Program.

Stakeholder activities:

  • ​Activities depending on organizations' and working groups' planned activities.

Me​dia and the General Public

Our goal is to ensure that Vaisala is recognized as a responsible and innovative thought leader in environmental monitoring by generating positive coverage with clear and consistent messages and establishing relevant media relationships. As a publicly listed company, Vaisala also guarantees that timely, accurate and transparent financial communications are available to all its stakeholders.

The general public is dependent on reliable weather forecasts. Farmers, sailors, motorists, pilots and event organizers are just a few examples of people who rely on weather forecasts to support their activities. Vaisala is indirectly providing the general public with accurate and reliable weather data through meteorological institutes.​

Stakeholder activities:

  • Continuously maintaining dialogue with media in main markets
  • Active monitoring and dialogue on social media​