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Weather Radar Training



    The Vaisala radar training course has an ever-growing reputation as an engaging and informative opportunity to learn about our RVP900 signal processor, RCP8 radar and antenna control processor, and IRIS software.

    The course is an excellent opportunity to learn the essential operational skills and knowledge needed to gain the maximum return on a radar system investment.

    Who is this course for ?

    The course is for any existing customers who are interested in learning more about our Radar product range or any potential customers who want to see the benefits a Vaisala Radar system can provide.

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    At the end of this course the students will be able to:
    • Give an overview and describe the hardware incorporated in the RCP8/RVP900 Digital IF Receiver and Signal Processor
    • State the main principals involved in Doppler Processing in the RVP900
    • Explain how to install, configure and calibrate the RVP900
    • Give an overview and describe the hardware incorporated in the RCP8 Antenna Control Processor
    • Describe how to configure, control and monitor the RCP8
    • Show how to install and upgrade the software associated with the RCP8
    • Perform a system backup and restore
    • Describe the basic IRIS architecture
    • Show how to configure the IRIS software
    • Perform task scheduling and monitoring functions in the IRIS software


    Each delegate will also receive training material on USB stick which will contain the following manuals and technical specifications:

    • IRIS Product and Display User’s Manual
    • IRIS Radar User’s Manual
    • IRIS Installation Manual
    • IRIS Programmer’s Manual
    • IRIS Utilities Manual
    • RVP900 User’s Manual
    • RCP8 User’s Manual

    In addition to manuals students will also receive:
    • Ron Rinehart’s Radar for Meteorologists, an introductory text on radar meteorology that is written in an entertaining and informal style. 
    • Unix for Dummies, a task-oriented book that contains information about file searches, software installation, and X Windows navigation.

    Vaisala will also be supplying computers in weather radar environment for you to work on during the training sessions.