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Front Line Contact Centers for All Customers

Vaisala is in process to significantly improve our service quality and to deliver real, tangible additional benefits to our customers. One of the most important projects we are undertaking is the set-up of dedicated 24/7/365 Support Centers in our offices in Tucson, Arizona and Birmingham, UK. These will be the front line contact centers for all customers needing support and assistance and will be staffed 24 hours a day by teams dedicated to ensuring that issues and problems are resolved as soon as they possibly can be. The plan is for these new front line centers and their supporting second line teams to be fully operational by the Summer of 2012.

Duncan Wright, the manager of the Tucson Support Center says "We are passionate about delivering world class service and are absolutely committed to restoring the faith of our customers in our ability to deliver. My team here will be available to help whenever the customer needs it and, if they can't fix the problem, they will make sure the customer is connected to someone who can. They will then take personal responsibility for making sure that the problem is resolved to the customers satisfaction."

This customer focused attitude will also be embedded in the culture of the Birmingham office. Glen Nicholls, the manager of the Birmingham Support Center is very clear on what he wants for his customers. "I don't just want customers to be pleased with our response, I want them to be experience a level of service that exceeds anything they encounter with any other supplier. I really believe that our Technical Support services can be truly world class. We have lots to do but we’re ready for the challenge".

Of course, creating this capability takes some time and new set up can't be built overnight. Phil Griffiths, the Global Technical Support Manager is confident that service quality can be transformed. “When a customer needs us, we want to be there for them 24/7 but we also need to understand the importance of getting the problem resolved as soon as possible, whether it’s a technical issue or getting a spare part delivered as fast as possible. It's not just about being responsive".

Responsive and Efficient Second Line Support

The front line centers will be supported by second line support teams across the world. One of these teams is located in Boston, USA. Team Manager Alberto Benitez is very clear of his role. "My team is here to respond whenever the guys in Tucson need us to help them fix a customer issue. We'll work very closely together on a daily basis. The customer need is our absolute focus at all times". Another second-line team in our Helsinki office will provide critical support to the Birmingham Front-Line center. The manager of this team, Veikko Lamminsalo, is just as committed. "We want to offer fast and efficient support to the Birmingham team but also we want to make sure the quality of support is as good as it can be. For that reason, the competence and skill development of my team as well as ensuring smooth escalation process flows are big focus areas".

We will be seeking ongoing feedback from our customers on the quality of service being provided to ensure that we are continuously improving and are always meeting their requirements.

Get fast, easy access to professional support over the entire life cycle of your equipment. The Vaisala Technical Support is your single contact point for technical and general inquiries related to Vaisala products and systems.
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