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Calibration Services


    Service Center Calibration

     Service Center Calibration

    Calibration Maintains and Documents Accuracy Infographic 


    Calibration Maintains Reliability

    Regular calibration ensures your high-precision instruments continue to provide accurate, high-quality data. Choosing the right calibration laboratory can be as important for lifetime accuracy and reliability as the initial selection of the instrument. To learn more about calibration services at Vaisala, open the full image of the Calibration Maintains and Documents Accuracy infographic or download the infographic as a pdf document.

    Over 50 Years of Expertise Working for You

    Our high-performance calibration laboratories started in 1958 and we continually improve our technology, facilities and capabilities to provide the high quality and scope of services that you expect from Vaisala.

    Calibration Services to Meet Your Needs

    Our regional Calibration Service Centers are ready with answers, options and flexibility to meet your requirements and budget.
    • Scope of calibration includes temperature, relative humidity, temperature, dew point, barometric pressure, carbon dioxide, and DC voltage and current.
    • Standard calibrations are traceable to national or international standards and meet ISO9001 quality management standards. Calibration services in our laboratories in the U.S. and Canada also meet ANSI/NSCL Z540.1 requirements.
    • Accredited calibrations  are available for selected parameters. Calibrations are traceable to national or international standards and calibration certificates are issued in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements. See Accredited Calibrations for more information.
    • Other manufacturer’s products can also be calibrated at our Service Centers. Contact us with your specific needs.
    • Pre-paid calibration plans offer savings and convenience with discounts on calibration services, no changes in pricing during the term of the plan, and no purchase order needed for every calibration.
    • Custom calibration plans are available for customers with unique calibration needs or a high volume of calibrations.
      Vaisala Calibration Service Centers are located in Canada, United States, Brazil, Finland, China and Japan.

    Contact Vaisala Technical Support or your regional Service Center to find out more about our services.

    Accredited Calibrations

     Accredited Calibrations

    Vaisala offers calibration services that have been accredited by the world’s leading accreditation authorities. Accrediting bodies audit management, quality systems and technical competence and formally recognize compliance by issuing a certificate of accreditation. ISO/IEC 17025 is the international standard used to accredit testing and calibration laboratories for measured quantities.

    When to Request Accredited Calibrations

    Accredited calibrations can be required by regulating bodies or to comply with a company’s quality standards. For example, accredited calibration may be required for instruments used as reference standards or to meet various demands from different authorities. Calibration certificates are issued in compliance with the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025 and are recognized by all the major international accreditation organizations. To learn more about calibration services at Vaisala, open the full image of the Quality Checklist for Calibration Services infographicor download the infographic as a pdf document. Make sure to also check out the answers to the seven most frequently asked questions about accreditation.

    Download the accreditation certificates for the Vaisala laboratories:

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