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Vaisala Maintenance Decision Support System

Until recently the world of road weather information revolved around current and historical road pavement data. One of the keys to the future of the industry is taking all this information and allowing decision makers to use software that provide a guide as to what to do based on current and predicted weather.

Maintenance Decision Support System provides operational guidance to winter maintenance users


    The decision makers responsible for the execution of road maintenance activities must have the capacity to effectively and efficiently reach conclusions about the most appropriate treatment strategies to use to control roadway snow and ice during and after winter weather events.

    Vaisala Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) solution uses the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) MDSS to provide operational guidance to winter maintenance users. The MDSS solution is meant to be used as a guide during difficult situations or times when staff is less experienced. The MDSS is constantly ingesting data from road weather and traditional atmospheric data, reviewing current treatment operations, and analyzing the latest road weather forecasts to produce recommendations on what treatment strategies needed to be taken. The MDSS automates several of the steps that a decision maker must follow in order to select a course of action.

    One of the primary benefits of Vaisala MDSS is its ability to serve as a single repository for data and information; with critical items being available to the end user at the click of a button. The MDSS can provide a number of products that benefit weather operations. Many of the forecast products provided by the Vaisala MDSS are provided out to 48 hours and at 1 hour resolution. Vaisala MDSS is not meant to replace the decision maker or the valuable input and experience they provide to the operation, but instead provide a decision assistance tool that can guide the decision maker to the best decision quickly and effectively.