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Vaisala Transmissometer LT31

Transmissometer LT31 from Vaisala - Runway Visual Range assessment and airport visibility measurement


      • Single baseline for the measurement range 10...10 000 m MOR
      • State-of-the-art white light source
      • Automatic alignment with quality control as a standard feature
      • Automatic calibration as a standard
      • Window contamination compensation
      • Sophisticated self-diagnostics
      • Internal back-up battery
      • Meets the ICAO ad WMO requirements for RVR and visibility
      • Based on decades of field experience
      • Compatible with Vaisala Transmissometer MITRAS and SKOPOGRAPH II Flamingo
      • We also offer Vaisala Transmissometer LT31 Operator and Maintenance Training
      Technical Specifications

       Technical Specifications

      Visibility (MOR) measurement


      Measurement range:
      30 m baseline length (optimal)
      50 m baseline length
      75 m baseline length

      10 ... 10 000 m

      25 ... 10 000 m
      37.5 ... 10 000 m
      According to ICAO and WMO Specifications for RVR and Visibility


      Present weather (optional)



      7 different types of precipitation (rain, freezing rain, drizzle, freezing drizzle, mixed rain/snow, snow, ice pellets)

      Message formats


      SKOPOGRAPH II Flamingo

            Standard incl. full status report
            standard message (for replacement)
            standard message (for replacement)


      Operating environment



      -40...+60 °C
      0...100 %RH
      60 m/s

      Inputs and outputs


      Operating voltage
      Power consumption

      100/115/230 VAC
      max. 800 W with all options
      RS-232/RS-485/modem (optional)



      Single baseline for full measurement range:
           Baseline length
           Measurement height
           Transmitter unit LTT111
           Receiver unit LTR111

      30 ... 75 m (30 recommended)
      2.5 m

      85 kg
      82 kg

      For complete specifications, please see the brochure or user guide in "Documents".