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HMD60/70 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters for Ducts in HVAC Applications

Buy OnlineThe duct mounted Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitters  HMD60 and HMD70 are designed for monitoring relative humidity and temperature in building energy management systems.
The combination of high accuracy, stability and reliable operation, make these products the ideal choice for demanding applications.

HMD60/70 series includes the following products:
  • HMD60Y RH+T transmitter, current output
  • HMD60U RH transmitter, current output
  • HMD60T T transmitter, current output
  • HMD70Y RH+T transmitter, voltage output
  • HMD70U RH transmitter, voltage output
  • HMD70T T transmitter, voltage output
    • Warranty 
    • All Vaisala products and services are covered by a 12-month warranty as standard, with selected products covered for up to 24 months. During this period you benefit from free repair or replacement of faulty equipment.
    • Warranty 
    • Service Center Repair  
    • If your instrument requires repair.
    • On-Site Calibration 
    • For Vaisala Continuous Monitoring Systems (CMS).
    Accessories and Spare Parts

     Accessories and Spare Parts