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Vaisala's Nomad 3 Allows Worry-Free Wind Tower Data Management

Cross-compatible, portable Vaisala wind data logger offers reliability, flexibility, and security in project decision-making

VAISALA CORPORATION             PRESS RELEASE                     MAY 12, 2015

Vaisala, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, has today launched the Nomad 3 Data Logger, a flexible and highly portable data management device that makes wind measurement easier and more economical for developers and operators around the globe.

Early siting and ongoing investment and operational decisions, based largely on the quality of wind resource data, have a direct impact on the long-term success of a wind energy project. However, the task of collecting and storing this data reliably and securely has not always been achieved in a cost-effective manner.

Vaisala Nomad 3 Data Logger 

Data loggers currently available to the market can be complex to install and operate, leading to higher costs for training, field time, and additional features typically required for full functionality. They also often fall short when it comes to performance in rough, remote locations and cross-compatibility with the broad range of wind measurement sensors employed across the renewable energy industry.

Furthermore, as the wind energy market expands into increasingly distant and more complex terrain worldwide, the portability and connectivity of data logging equipment for field technicians continues to grow in importance. In both emerging and established markets, it is imperative to reduce the costs and labor involved in data collection and management while maintaining data security and 100% uptime in all weather conditions.

Designed for the Wind Industry

The Nomad 3 Data Logger benefits from Vaisala's unmatched track record for reliability in harsh conditions and decades of in-house wind industry experience, including the introduction of the first data logger built specifically for the commercial wind industry back in 1981. The new device, however, has been completely re-engineered with the current challenges of developers and operators in mind.

The Nomad 3 offers technological sophistication, such as a Linux operating system, and a smaller, lighter design while remaining incredibly flexible and straightforward to use. It is compatible with all market-leading wind sensors, affording developers far greater control over equipment choices and allowing them to contain excess costs with simple installation, low energy usage, and remote configuration features. The Nomad 3 is also ideally suited for hard to reach regions of emerging markets like South America, Asia, and Africa, since it can be conveniently carried in a backpack to sites without road access.

This rugged, compact device is supported by telemetry and data storage features that significantly enhance the owner's capacity for remote data management. Nomad 3 benefits from wireless connectivity and Vaisala's SkyServe wind data management service - a secure web portal that offers a range of fleet management tools. Online operating systems also make it accessible to any web-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

All data from the logger is highly compressed, reducing file sizes to considerably decrease the cost associated with sending information over cellular networks. Data encryption also ensures maximum security and peace of mind to the developer.

A number of partners and government laboratories have already started using the Nomad 3 as beta clients at locations around the world. These include: NIWE (India's National Institute of Wind Energy formerly known as C-WET), Saiwind, and WISE Information Sentinel.

Vaisala will be exhibiting the Nomad 3 Data Logger at the AWEA Windpower conference in Orlando, May 18th - 21st at Booth #4221. For full details, please visit our product web page.

Vaisala is an expert in wind measurement, project assessment, and energy forecasting. For more information on the range of services offered by Vaisala to the renewable energy sector, please visit


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