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Vaisala IRIS Focus Weather Radar Software


Analyze Your Data

IRIS Focus is the next generation weather radar software designed for the professional meteorologist to aid in more accurate precipitation estimation and classification, and earlier weather watches and warnings. The modern look of IRIS Focus and the rich set of tools enable you to analyze and see your weather radar data like never before.

See More with Multi-panel Display

Display up to four radar products on one screen, synchronize all four panels in time and location, and animate the panels together to easily see more of your data. When you need to zoom into the data to see the finer details, the data will be regenerated at the increased resolution.

Overlay Multiple Data Points

Layer multiple data points on top of each other, such as radar reflectivity and radial velocity for better understanding.

Display Data Not On a Map

Show non-map data side-by-side with mapped data, such as the radial velocity measurement to see how your observations change with respect to direction from the radar site.

Understand Storms to
Make Better Decisions

Better graphics display and data processing capabilities provide many new ways to see weather radar data for better understanding, quicker decision making and accurate precipitation estimation and classification.

Track Storm Movement

Mark the location of a storm at different points in time to help project future movement of the storm and compute rate, time and distance equations.

See the Vertical Structure of Storms

Using the cross-section tool you can see data at different altitudes with respect to other data points for better understanding of storm motion and growth.  Allows you to perform cross-section along curved phenomena such as frontal boundaries.

Display Data Outside of Radar Range

Extend observations to show convective storms beyond the radar range by layering other weather data, such as lightning data from Vaisala’s Global Lightning Dataset GLD360.

Reduce Training Time,
Increase Accessibility

Simple and easy-to-understand interface, interactive tutorials and context-sensitive reduce training time, and web-based access increases accessibility of data throughout your organization.

Tool Tips and Localized Context-Sensitive Help

Interactive step-by-step tutorials, built-in tool tips and context-sensitive help you get up to speed quickly.  The language used can be localized by user. Current languages that are supported:   English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.  More languages can be added on request.

Access to Your Data from Anywhere

Access and share data from anywhere easily and securely with colleagues in other departments or outside of the agency.

Common Platform

IRIS Focus shares a common technology platform with Vaisala’s Thunderstorm Manager and the Vaisala AviMet® programs.  This allows users to seamlessly transition between these applications without having to learn new navigation.

Increase Secure Access to Your Data
​​IRIS News and Upd​ates​​

​​IRIS Focus is the next generation in weather radar software. Focus offer user a modern display with tools that allow you to customize your view of the data. Vaisala's MET blog​ contains posts of various topics of weather phenomen and weather measurement. Below are the latest weather radar related posts.​​​​​​​

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    • Warranty 
    • All Vaisala products and services are covered by a 12-month warranty as standard, with selected products covered for up to 24 months. During this period you benefit from free repair or replacement of faulty equipment.
    • Site Survey 
    • A comprehensive site survey from Vaisala is the first step to ensuring successful installation and integration for environmental observation systems. It guarantees the delivery of a reliable and accurate system with optimal positioning and performance.
    • Warranty 
    • Acceptance Testing 
    • Our extensive testing procedures, carried out at our factory and on site, verify that your systems are operating according to specifications. After our acceptance test your equipment is optimized and ready to use.
    • Installation 
    • Vaisala’s installation service ensures that your equipment is set up correctly and optimally. An installation may include everything from hardware set-up to integration of the equipment into your infrastructure, making sure that you enjoy a smooth start up and reduced maintenance costs.