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Vaisala DigiCORA® Sounding System MW41

Vaisala DigiCORA® Sounding System MW41  MW41 software is compatible with the latest generation of Windows operating systems and hardware


    The MW41 system is the newest generation of Vaisala sounding systems. It offers a smooth and cost-effective upgrade path from current Vaisala sounding systems. MW41 software is compatible with the latest generation of Windows operating systems and hardware, meaning that it supports our customers’ current installed IT base and also helps to minimize maintenance costs. It also includes connectivity to existing Vaisala Automatic Weather Stations, providing highly accurate surface weather information, and making operation simpler and less sensitive to human error.

    • Easy integration to existing soundings network
    • Increased flexibility through advanced networking options
    • Easy and simple operation, no specialist knowledge needed
    • Quick station parameter configuration and modification, also remotely
    • Consistent high quality data
    Technical Specifications

     Technical Specifications


    Compatible with Vaisala RS41-SG and RS92-SGP radiosonde
    ​Vaisala Sounding Processing Subsystem SPS311
    ​Software defined radio technology
    ​Code correlating GPS


    ​Directional UHF antenna (automatic direction control)
    ​Omnidirectional UHF antenna
    Portable antenna for UHF and GPS
    ​GPS antenna
    ​Enhanced multipath rejection GPS antenna


    ​Frequency range ​​400,15 ... 406 MHz
    ​Tuning step (user adjustable) 10 kHz
    ​Error detection and correction ​Reed-Solomon
    ​Telemetry range (using directional antenna and RS92-SGP radiosonde) ​up to 350 km

    Environmental Requirements

    ​Indoor equipment:

    ​Operating temperature
    +10 ... 35 °C

    ​Operating humidity
    10 ...90 %RH
    ​Storage temperature
     -40 ... +65 °C
    ​Storage humidity
    5 ... 95 %RH

    ​Outdoor equipment:
    ​Operating temperature
    -40 ... +55 °C
    ​Operating humidity
    0 ...100 %RH
    ​Operating wind speed
    0 ... 65 m/s
    ​Operating precipitation
    Storage temperature
    -50 ... +100 °C
    ​Storage humidity 0 ... 100 %RH
    ​ ​
    For complete specifications, please see the datasheet in "Documents".
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