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Improving Nowcasting and Severe Storm Warning with Real-Time Total Lightning Detection

The Vaisala Thunderstorm Information System enhances weather nowcasting solutions with its seamless combination of modular low frequency (LF) and very high frequency (VHF) lightning detection technologies. This allows complete, rapid, and accurate monitoring of thunderstorm lightning activity.

Predicting and tracking severe weather with total lightning detection
More than 40 national hydrometeorological agencies rely on Vaisala lightning detection networks to help them deliver accurate and reliable nowcasting and forecasting.

Total lightning is a good operational indicator of severe weather due to its:

  • rapid responsiveness to storm dynamics
  • correlation to storm intensity
  • occurrence at a high and typically continuous rate
It provides operational benefits which significantly enhance the warning and decision-making capabilities of observation and nowcasting systems. These benefits include:

  • early identification of thunderstorm cells
  • improved tracking and mapping of storm path and intensity
  • the ability to issue timely and reliable severe weather warnings
Learn more about how the Vaisala Thunderstorm Information System provides data that is crucial to a rapid and effective response to hazardous weather conditions by reading the material attached.
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