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Data Subscriptions

Customers worldwide rely on Vaisala’s recognized expertise in lightning data and information systems. Vaisala delivers the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in lightning detection technology, central processing, application software, and customer support. Over three decades of pioneering leadership is affirmed by a global customer base, a diverse portfolio of lightning detection technologies, and a full suite of processing and application software.

Meteorologists and also managers responsible for human safety, property protection, risk management, and productivity use Vaisala GLD360 and NLDN data for early warning of lightning and thunderstorm threats. Lightning is a fast and accurate indicator of severe weather and by knowing when and where lightning is active, planned precautions can be taken early to reduce vulnerability and risk.

The real-time data on lightning activity can be monitored on the internet or with Vaisala software. For information on data subscriptions please contact Vaisala Sales

Global Lighting Dataset GLD360

Global Lighting Dataset GLD360

Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 is a service which provides real-time lightning data for accurate and early detection and tracking of severe weather anywhere over land and sea. The service is delivered as a dedicated data stream – no investment in hardware necessary.