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Oceanographic Measurements

​Oceanographic sensors from the carefully selected partners.

  • Wave radars for wave height, period, direction, sea level, air gap and tide measurement
  • Sensors for sea conductivity, temperature and salinity measurement
  • Ocean current meters and profilers for current monitoring
  • Motion reference units
  • Delivered fully integrated and tested at factory with mounting accessories, mooring frames, offshore cables and shipboard deployment devices


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​​Water Level & Tide


  • QHR104 Water level radar K-band 26GHz
  • PAA-36W
  • Radac WaveGuide Wave and Tide Radar

Wave height, Period, Direction, and Profiles


  • Radac WaveGuide Wave and Tide Radar
  • Sontek Argonaut-XR
  • Nortek AWAC

Current, Speed, Direction, and Profiles



Airgap and Draught





Salinity / Conductivity


Water Temperature

  • DTS12W

Water Pressure and Depth






Met-Ocean System Components