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Features and benefits
  • QHR104 uses the pulsed radar principle to determine the water level, no direct contact with the water needed
  • QHR104 is excellent for river, stream, lake, tidal sea, reservoir and stilling well water level measurements, and has also been successfully applied to measure water on a roadway
  • QHR104 is insensitive to mud, drift material, weeds and aggressive substances such as sewage and brackish water
  • Minimum construction work is needed for QHR104 installation, the few necessary construction elements, e.g. a bridge jib, do not interfere with measurement, and possible false echoes caused by nearby supports etc, are removed by internal configuration of the software
  • QHR104 is excellent where driftwood, debris, water traffic, or ice could damage stilling wells or other structures
  • QHR104 sensor can easily be relocated in the event of a storm changing the flow pattern, or if the river bed is sandy
  • The measurement accuracy (QHR104-1 ±3 mm accuracy, QHR104-3 ±5 mm accuracy) is not influenced by air humidity (including fog), precipitation or air temperature fluctuations within the measuring range
  • QHR104 supports both SDI-12 and Vega 4...20mA HART output interfaces
  • Further advantages include the low energy consumption, short measuring cycle, no dead angles and the short mounting distance
  • QHR104 also has excellent mechanical durability (has been tested for mechanical vibrations with 4 g and 5 ... 100 Hz)
  • QHR104 can be programmed and configured with a pluggable PLICSCOM module, featuring push-button programming with a large screen display, allowing easy access to the instrument
  • PLICSCOM is able to copy and paste sensor data to make setting up multiple sensors easy
  • Manufacturing data, diagnostic data, and all setup parameters can be viewed and accessed via the PLICSCOM
  • After setup PLICSCOM serves as an indicating instrument: measured values can be read directly in the requested unit and presentation style