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Port Weather Monitoring

​By having accurate real-time observations of your working environment you won't have to make your operational decisions based on intuition. 

What to monitor, where, and how will depend on the characteristics of the port in question. Especially where large tanker operations are the case, reliable and accurate measurement of visibility, wind direction and speed are critical not only when approaching the port but also in berthing safety. Approaching storms and high winds can interfere crane operations preventing loading and unloading. In addition, oceanographic measurements such as current, wave height, sea level, and salinity can all be part of a modern system supporting complex port environments. The end result is increased safety, and successful and continuous cargo handling in port operations.

Vaisala Terminal Weather Monitoring System with local real-time data collection, display software, data storage and hosted data management service give users real-time but also history weather information when needed and allow them to concentrate on their main operations. Service contracts keep the systems up and running

Vaisala can provide you with reliable weather observations measured by our unique technology, continuously developed by our professional team of scientists and engineers. Our systems are flexible adapting to your needs, field proven in thousands of installations from pole to pole and even in outer space.


Vaisala Maritime Observations Systems is easy to integrate into Port Management Information Systems (PMIS), Terminal Operations Systems (TOS) and Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) to enhance business predictability and performance.