Calibration and Repair



Regular calibration is a regulatory requirement to ensure the accuracy of measurements, thereby safeguarding products and consumers. However, it poses a logistical challenge to your business: how do you ensure compliance without costly downtime?

Vaisala offers a suite of services to ensure regulatory compliance while minimizing risk.

Service center calibration and repair

Vaisala service centers offer a wide range of high accuracy calibrations for Vaisala instruments. Standard calibration options are available for all instruments and, if required, Vaisala can work to create a calibration option to meet your specific requirements or test points.

Key Benefits
  • Deep product expertise
  • Highest accuracy offering
  • Fast diagnostic and spare part access
  • Software upgrades and firmware updates
  • Repairs made at the same time as calibration
  • Third-party audited and accredited labs
  • Customer selectable test points and calibration options to meet your specific requirements
  • Accredited calibration options
  • Competitive pricing

Onsite calibration

Onsite calibrations combine compliance with convenience. In order to minimize the impact of regular calibrations on critical processes and staff, Vaisala calibration technicians can perform a wide variety of calibrations onsite to meet your specific needs, often allowing monitoring to continue uninterrupted.

Key Benefits
  • Minimal downtime for your sensors
  • Minimal impact on your staff to manage the calibration process
  • Device functionality tests
  • Fast diagnostic and spare part access
  • Gap-free data records and accurate measurements
  • Full “as-found / as-left” calibration certificates
  • Wide selection of calibrations

Device Rental

Vaisala understands the challenges that regular calibrations pose.  Downtime comes with the cost of lost productivity and is unacceptable to many businesses.  Vaisala offers short term rentals for many of our instruments in order to ensure that your business processes can continue uninterrupted during planned maintenance breaks such as calibrations.  Our rental instruments come with pre and post rental calibrations so you can be confident in the accuracy of the data for the duration of the rental.

Key Benefits
  • Uninterrupted monitoring
  • Gap-free data for a complete audit trail
  • Pre and post rental calibrations

Prepaid calibration plans

Vaisala instruments have the option of a prepaid calibration plan. Prepaid plans protect against unanticipated increases in calibration costs over the period of the plan. With calibration interval notifications and calibration certificates that include “as-found” and “as-left” data, pre-paid calibration plans significantly reduce the cost of hardware maintenance over time.

Key Benefits
  • Discounted calibration with protection from price increases (1-5 years)
  • Low cost of ownership
  • No annual purchasing orders to generate for planned maintenance costs