Mapping Kit

The Quickest Route to Environmental Validation

The Vaisala Mapping Kit is a reliable, easy-to-use alternative to thermocouple-based equipment, bulky data acquisition systems, and less robust data loggers. Ideal for stability chambers, refrigerators, freezers, incubators, warehouses, ambient environments and other demanding studies, the Mapping Kit ensures secure and accurate profiling.
With impressive overall accuracy and minimal long-term drift, Vaisala's sensors allow you to have confidence your studies. Reliable data from stable sensors eliminates the need to re-run studies, open deviation investigations, and spend extra time reporting. Simply download the software, place the loggers, and begin...

Software, Loggers, Documents

The Mapping Kit comprises vLog software, your choice of Vaisala data loggers and the vLog IQOQ. vLog software is a Windows-based application for downloading, displaying, analyzing and reporting data from any Vaisala data logger. Fully encrypted and validatable, the software produces tabular and graphical reports that help you comply with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Vol. 4 Annex 11.

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    • ​Small, thermistor-equipped data loggers are easy to place and won't interrupt normal operations during validation studies.
    • Logger batteries have a 10-year lifespan ensuring reliable, non-stop recording for studies of almost any length.
    • No complex wiring,  probe cables, or lengthy setup required. Simply download the software, place the loggers and begin.
    • All files are encrypted and reports are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
    • Easy-to-use vLog VL software provides detailed, customizable reports; combine several data sets into one report, specify report over time, and loggers. See sample report.
    • Available with comprehensive IQ/OQ protocols to help speed up your validation exercises. See sample IQ/OQ.

    New features in vLog VL 4.5:

      • Localized versions of software in Chinese, Japanese and French.
      • Batch set-up, download, and reporting options.
      • Audit trail filtering.
    Components: Software, Loggers, Documentation

     Components: Software, Loggers, Documentation

    Software Features:

    •    Presentation-Quality reports give clear visual representation of study results. See Sample Reports

    •    Horizontal bars automatically show minimum, maximum, and average values

    •    User-configured multi-colored indicators for value, units (Temp, RH), and labels

    •    Graph overlay that can highlight relationships between studies

    •    Zoom or cursor pin-point can highlight important values, times and dates

    •    Reports can be exported to TXT and CSV files

    Data Logger Features:

    •    10-year battery and months of data buffering ensure reliability throughout studies

    •    Compact, precise, calibrated to your process requirements; NIST-traceable, with ICH calibration available

    •    RH + Temperature loggers can come with an optional Gore-Tex bag for accelerated study conditions

    •    Temperature-only loggers with up to 4 probes saves on sensor costs

    •    Ideal for incubators, refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low freezers, ambient mapping, Shipping containers, logistics, and more...

    •    Technical Specifications

    •    Ask about rental data loggers

    •    In some studies, compact single-use loggers are an option


    Vaisala provides complete documentation including data logger calibration certificates and offers a comprehensive set of IQ/OQ protocols. IQOQ Sample

    Available Protocols

     Available Protocols

    ​Our validation protocol is a comprehensive set of pre-written test guidelines and checklists for system validation, including Installation and Operational Qualifications. Documents are provided in Microsoft Word format for easy customization. The package includes customizable installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ) procedures, forms and templates to enable validation personnel to record all details needed to demonstrate that the system is working properly.

    View a draft of the vLog 4.5 IQOQ (PDF).