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vLog VL software: Validation/Mapping for GxP

vLog VL software: Validation/Mapping for GxP compliance, vLog thermal validation software, vLog temperature and humidity mapping ​Vaisala vLog is a powerful validation/mapping software for downloading, analyzing and reporting information from Vaisala VL data loggers. The software is easy to use and designed for performing temperature and humidity mapping studies in GxP-compliant applications. The software also includes calibration tracking for the sensors to ensure study results are reliable. Read more about our Mapping Kit.  

For non-regulated, standalone data logging, see vLog SP.

IQ/OQ Protocols

The optional IQ/OQ protocol ensures that vLog software operates with integrity, security and reliability.  Please view our Draft IQOQ and contact us if you have any questions.

Vaisala vLog Vaisala vLog


    • Quick Visual of Results
      Horizontal bars that move automatically with min, max, and avg. values. User-selectable color indicators for each value or unit, and detailed label creation.

    • Customizable Reports
      Manual or automatic scaling, multiple Y-axes, selectable decimal place precision, temperature unit display options (°C or °F), adjustable International date/time formats, and text area for signatures and detailed annotations.  Sample reports.

    • Security Control
      Three levels of security to control access: Windows, domain level, and local account authentication.

    • System-wide Traceability
      Built-in audit trail gives secure reports for time periods specified by users. No interaction with the system goes unrecorded.

    • Time Saving Batch Setup
      Quickly apply settings from one logger to others, including start/stop times, sample intervals, logger and channel descriptions, and flags.

    • Easy Data Transfer
      Copy and paste or export graphs, .TXT and .CSV files into other Windows and/or database applications.

    • File Security for Regulatory Compliance
      Security status of the data is identified on every report to aid in compliance with for 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11.Each time data is downloaded, vLog generates a unique checksum value, which is the Logger File ID number. This number is referenced in:
        • Logger File Creation Reports
        • Logger Files
        • Graph files that contain inserted logger file data
        • Tabular listings and printouts
      • No two logger files can have the same Logger File ID number and any change to the record renders the file unusable.
      • The automatically generated Logger File ID number and report are inerasable, fulfilling the regulatory requirement to connect original electronic records to printed and signed reports.

    Contacts & Pricing

    Install & Operate

    Installation Information

    ​Requires about 3MB of disk space to install.

    The vLog VL installer installs most of its files in the folder specified by the user during installation. The default is C:\Program Files\Veriteq Instruments\vLog.
    The installation program installs the start menu items in the user-specified folder. The default is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Veriteq vLog.

    The C:\Windows\vLog.ini file is created when the user first runs vLog VL.
    While running vLog VL, you can transfer logger data (.spl files) from the logger to a user-specified location. vLog VL can also be used to create graphs (.spg files). Both .spl and .spg files are saved to wherever specified by the user.