Vaisala Veriteq vLog SP

Vaisala Veriteq vLog SP is a powerful, easy-to-use Windows-based interface for configuring, downloading, displaying, analyzing and reporting information from Vaisala data loggers. Works with Vaisala Veriteq SP-series data logger models.

Vaisala Veriteq vLog SP is compatible 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows® XP, Windows Server® 2003, Windows Vista®, Windows Server® 2008, Windows® 7, and 32-bit Windows® 2000.

Related Software:
  • vLog SP is our standard software offering. It includes complete data logger communication, graphing and reporting functions that work with Vaisala Veriteq SP-series data logger models.
  • vLog VL also offers complete data logger communication, graphing and reporting functions but is designed specifically for validation applications in strict regulatory environments (such as pharmaceutical manufacturing). It includes special security features that are designed to protect data logger and file integrity to satisfy the scrutiny of agencies such as the FDA. It also includes calibration tracking information and detailed graph and tabular reports to ensure secure and verified documented results. Works with VL-series data loggers.
  • Vaisala Veriteq viewLinc is designed for customers who continuously monitor conditions and events and receive alarms if parameters such as temperature or humidity go out of tolerance.
  • Vaisala Veriteq OPC Server allows Vaisala Veriteq data loggers to be used on non-Veriteq data logging systems.
  • The Spectrum API (Applications Programming Interface) is designed for customers who need to communicate directly with Vaisala Veriteq data loggers through their own Windows-based programs. The program is ideal for OEM customers or for those who must process logger data using other programs.
  • The Spectrum Excel Add-in program is a special free utility that allows customers to setup and download Vaisala Veriteq SP data loggers directly within Microsoft Excel.


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    ​Quick Visual of Results

    Interface includes horizontal bars that move automatically with min, max, and avg values. Superimpose up to 4 indicators wherever you want—set the value, units (temp or RH), label, and color for each indicator.

    Detailed, Customizable Graphs 

    Add statistics such as min, max, and avg values, max minus min value, max minus avg value, avg minus min value, group statistics to your graphs. Use more explanation in the signoff area with up to 6 lines of text to describe the run.

    Detailed Graphical & Tabular Reports

    Use the graph overlay to highlight relationships between files, or use zoom or cursor pin-point to highlight actual values, times and dates.

    Horizontal lines dynamically track min, max, avg – or add your own.

    Reports are presentation-quality.

    Easy Data Transfer

    Copy and paste or export graphs, TXT and CSV files into other Windows and/or database applications

    Quickly, conveniently download data from your loggers, using automatic filename creation with descriptive naming.

    Easy Logger Configuration

    vLog SP software allows you to quickly set up multiple loggers with similar properties, or set each logger individually. Set sample rates, synch start/stop times, enable/disable channels, set user-defined measurement units, and adjust memory modes (stop when full, wrap-around when full, etc.)

    Flexible Graph Scaling

    Customize graphs with manual or automatic scaling, multiple Y-axes, selectable decimal place precision, temperature unit display options (°C or °F), and user-adjustable International date and time formats.