Probes and Damping Blocks

Thermistor Temperature Probes

Our probes connect easily to Vaisala data loggers. Each probe is an epoxy-encapsulated NTC thermistor, or RTD, with a stainless steel tip. Probes come in 10 ft. (3m) or 25 ft. (7.6m) lengths and are calibrated with a data logger as a complete unit to ensure optimal accuracy.

Thermal Damping Blocks

Vaisala's temperature probes can combine with Vaisala's thermal damping blocks to provide accurate and stable temperature measurements that are ideal for refrigerator and freezer monitoring applications. The probe is equipped with a precision temperature sensor that can be used in conjunction with the thermal damping block: a removable aluminum cylindrical block. These blocks were designed to match the temperature curve of a bottle filled with glycol. The thermal mass of the block provides a damping effect that eliminates nuisance alarms that can be caused by temperature fluctuations.

For more on our temperature and alarming solutions with this damping block, see Hospital Monitoring.

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