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Chart Recorder Replacement

As typewriters were replaced by word processors and vinyl gave way to CDs and mp3s, so chart recorders, hygrothermographs, and thermometer hygrometers are being replaced by highly calibrated, battery-powered data loggers equipped with on-board memory. Replacing pens, papers and expensive repairs, along with dubious accuracy, have made the operating costs of chart recorders prohibitive. Current data logger technology has created a better alternative, and Vaisala's Continuous Monitoring Solution is the easiest to implement, most cost effective system on the market.

The shift towards data loggers provides many benefits. Replacing chart recorders with a software + sensor system usually pays for itself within the first year of operation. Not only are the sensors more economical, the Vaisala viewLinc monitoring solution for temperature and humidity recording offers several advantages over chart recorders: alarm options, superior accuracy, customizable reporting, and less maintenance.

Why Switch from Chart Recorders to Networked Sensors

As with any outmoded technology, chart recorders, hygrothermographs, thermometer hygrometers and strip charts have become more expensive to operate than their replacement technology. There are several other reasons to switch:  accuracy, reliability, functionality, and maintenance. In life science facilities, temperature and humidity data loggers are often used for monitoring and alarming to safeguard products and processes. Additionally, reliable documentation is required for quality reviews and audits, as well as meeting regulatory and accreditation requirements.
Although most buildings are equipped with centralized systems for heating and air conditioning, some of these systems can't fulfill accurate, industry-specific monitoring, recording, and reporting requirements. Depending on the needs of the facility, the choices typically then come down to one or more of three basic methods: manual "pen and paper" systems, chart recorders, or a secondary centralized system.

Each of these methods offers various advantages and disadvantages. Facility managers often have to make compromises to get the temperature monitoring system that fits their needs and their budget. The Vaisala viewLinc continuous monitoring system combines all the advantages of other methods with none of the downsides. It can be deployed as a multi-facility, multi-application monitoring solution, or a single, standalone data logger to replace a single chart recorder.

A Web-based alternative for Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Simple to install and easy to use, Vaisala’s continuous monitoring system provides browser-based access to monitored points from any location and provides 24/7 security via email/text or PC alarming. Users can receive and acknowledge alarms, generate reports and view real-time trend data from any remote location. The Vaisala viewLinc continuous monitoring system reduces the risk of undetected environmental deviations. Designed specifically for life science applications, the small size of the sensors, remote alarming capabilities, and tamper-proof reporting make the system ideal for monitoring controlled environments. 
The newest version of Vaisala viewLinc software is available in English, German, French, Chinese, Swedish and Japanese and can be used with a wide range of Vaisala sensors. viewLinc integrates easily with your facility’s existing network, eliminating the cost of installing and maintaining a dedicated network for temperature monitoring alone. Sensing devices connect via Ethernet, PoE, WiFi or a combination of all connectivity options.

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