Hospital pharmacy monitoring

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Reduce the risk of lost product and regulatory non-compliance in your hospital pharmacy environments, ORs, procedure rooms, blood and tissue banks, and labs.

The Vaisala continuous monitoring system offers:
  • Easy-to-use viewLinc software allows effortless monitoring, reporting and alarm management
  • 24/7 remote alarming via sms, e-mail, pager and many more to reduce the risk of lost products
  • Custom reports that are automatically generated and delivered by email on demand
  • Fast and easy IQOQ validation and on-site installation services for smooth start-up and higher productivity
  • Low cost of ownership due to easy connectivity to your existing network, remote access, and scalability up to thousands of monitored locations

Vaisala also offers wide range of hand-held humidity and temperature meters for spot-checking and on-site transmitter calibrations.



    • ​Gap-free data recording with complete audit trail. Battery powered loggers are immune to network failures and power outages. Battery good for up to 10 years.
    • Easy-to-configure 24/7 alarming via Text Messaging to Cell Phone or Pager, email, flashing pc alert, external display or dial-out (telephone).
    • Fast, simple installation and both wired and wireless connectivity.
    • Scalable – can be used for a single piece of equipment to many pieces of equipment at multiple facilities.
    • Validatable, tamper-proof hardware and encrypted software ensure you comply with 21 CFR Part 11 reporting requirements.
    • Saves on IT and installation costs by connecting easily to any standard network via Ethernet, Power over Ethernet or WiFi (wireless). 
    • Options for lower temperatures - we offer the 1000-VLT Very Low Temperature data logger for use in environments as cold as -90°C (-130°F) — no need for external probes or wires.
    Recommended Products
    "Of all the monitoring systems we looked at, the viewLinc monitoring system provided the best value ... hands down!"
    - Dorraine Reynolds, Pharmacy Director US-based National Research Hospital

    Compliant temperature and humidity monitoring in hospitals and healthcare facilities

    Hospital environments require secure, 24/7 monitoring to maintain drugs, vaccines, blood/tissues, and critical medical devices and equipment within specified temperature and humidity tolerances. Environmental controls, especially for temperature and humidity, are critical for maintaining drug safety, purity and efficacy. Humidity measurement can be especially challenging and important in procedural rooms, neonatal areas, and areas used for drug compounding.  
    While there is no single regulator for hospitals and clinical environments, there are several state regulators and accreditation agencies that make recommendations, such as the Association for Accreditation for Human Research Protection and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

    These (and many other) organizations seek to outline methods for storing, processing, and transporting drugs, human cell and tissue products, medical devices and other products used in hospital and clinical applications.  For instance, according to USP 29-NF 24, temperatures must be controlled and recorded to ensure that predetermined conditions are maintained according to stability data and manufacturer’s instructions.

    Key to compliance with hospital, blood/tissue storage, clinical trial area regulations and guidance is the ability to respond to, record and report on conditions in controlled environments. The Vaisala continuous monitoring system allows personnel to receive alerts if any environmental parameters go out of specification or if sensor communication with the system is lost. This solves the problem of having to schedule checks of the monitoring equipment.

    The viewLinc software is browser-based and accessible from any network location. Reports are customizable and easily exported to a spreadsheet format for analysis and manipulation. Many viewLinc users report that trend and historical reports are easy to generate on demand and this often becomes an important aspect of their auditing process by accreditation or enforcement agencies.

    The Vaisala continuous monitoring system ensures accurate, gap-free records for GxP-compliant areas and other critical environments, including:

    • Hospital pharmacy refrigerators and freezers
    • Blood and tissue refrigerators and transport coolers/equipment
    • HCT/p and sample freezers
    • Cold rooms, cleanrooms and laboratories
    • ORs and procedure rooms (temperature/humidity/differential pressure