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Near-term risks and uncertainties

Uncertainties in world economic and political situation as well as changes in customer behavior may cause demand slowdown or delays in customer projects. Weather Business Area offers its meteorological customers large infrastructure projects. The closing of such contracts is characterized by budgetary constraints, long-term negotiations concerning scope, project timing and financing. Thus, Vaisala's financial performance may vary significantly over time. Also increasing competition, changes in price levels and exchange rates may impact Vaisala's net sales and profitability.

Vaisala's capability to successfully complete investments, acquisitions, divestments and restructurings on a timely basis and to achieve related financial and operational targets represent a risk which may impact net sales and profitability.

The ongoing business expansion in renewable energy market may be delayed due to long authorization and approval processes, evolving business models and customers' postponing decision making. Delays in new product ramp-ups and market acceptance of new offering may postpone the realization of Vaisala's growth plans.​

Suppliers' and subcontractors' delivery capability or operating environment as well as product quality may impact Vaisala's net sales and profitability. Cyber risk and availability of IT systems may impact operations, delivery of information services or Internet-based services or cause financial loss.