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Vaisala observes the Insiders Guidelines issued by the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. The Company maintains its public and Company-specific insider registers in the Euroclear Finland Ltd’s Sire system, where information on the ownership of securities can be obtained directly from the book-entry system.

In accordance with the Securities Market Act, Vaisala Corporation’s public insiders comprise of the members of the Board of Directors, the President and CEO, the members of the Management Group and the auditors. Persons employed by the Company who, on account of their position or duties, have regular access to insider information are included in Vaisala’s company-specific register of permanent insiders. Persons who on the basis of an employment or other contract work for the Company obtain insider information associated with a specific project are included in Vaisala’s project-specific insider register.

Vaisala observes a silent period which starts at the end of the reporting quarter and ends to the publication of the respective quarterly or annual results. During this time, the permanent insiders are prohibited from trading in Vaisala's shares. Project-specific insiders are prohibited from trading in the Company’s shares until the project in question has been cancelled or disclosed.

Vaisala’s insider registers are maintained by the Legal department.