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Vaisala manages inside information and insider matters in accordance with the requirements of the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), Finnish Securities Markets Act, Insider Guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, and Vaisala’s Insider Policy.

Manager’s t​ransactions 

Persons discharging managerial duties at Vaisala (“Managers”) and persons closely associated with them shall notify Vaisala and the Financial Supervisory Authority of transactions conducted on their own account relating to the financial instruments of Vaisala. Notification requirement applies to all transactions regardless of their value.

Managers comprise of Vaisala’s Board of Directors, CEO and President and Vaisala Management Group.

Vaisala publishes the transaction notifications it receives by way of a stock exchange release promptly and no later than three business days after the transaction. Vaisala does not separately verify the content of the notifications it receives.

Trading restri​​ctions 

Managers and certain personnel engaged in the preparation of financial reports are subject to trading restrictions. These persons shall schedule their trading to the moment when the markets have as complete information as possible of the issues influencing the price of Vaisala’s financial instruments. 

Further, these persons may not conduct any transactions with Vaisala financial instruments during closed windows. The closed window begins 30 calendar days before the publishing of the financial statement release or an interim report, and ends on the day following the publishing of the financial statement release or the interim report.

Project-specific insid​​​er lists

In connection with projects that clearly deviate from the usual business operations of Vaisala due to their size or nature and, when published, would likely have a significant effect on the price of Vaisala’s financial instruments, Vaisala maintains a separate insider list for each such project. 

Any person entered into the project-specific insider list is informed in writing of him/her being included in the insider list and of the obligations arising therefrom.

Publi​c insider register 

Following MAR regulations, the public insider register has not been updated since 2 July, 2016.