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Term of the members of the Board of Directors

The term of the members of Vaisala's Board of Directors deviates from the Recommendation 10 of Corporate Governance Code, which recommends a term of one year. The term of the Vaisala's member of the Board of Directors is determined in accordance with its Articles of Association. Under the Articles of Association, a member's term is three years, beginning at the close of the General Meeting in which the member is elected and ending at the close of the third subsequent Annual General Meeting.

A longer term of office of the Board members is justified by the long-term development of Vaisala's business as well as by the nature of the business. The practice has worked well and Vaisala's shareholders are committed to it.​

  End of term
1.       Petra LundströmMember2018
2.       Mikko NiinivaaraMember2017
3.       Yrjö NeuvoVice Chairman2019​
4.       Kaarina StåhlbergMember2019​
5.       Pertti TorstilaMember2017
6.       Raimo VoipioChairman2017
7.       Ville VoipioMember2018