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Market Situation

Market situation in 2016

In 2016, market environment for Vaisala was characterized by differences between geographic areas and customer groups. Weather observation market conditions weakened in 2016 compared to rather good previous two years. Industrial measurement market was favorable overall.

In EMEA, weather observation market was weak. In North America, weather observation market was stable, and Vaisala’s deliveries increased as a result of good order intake in 2015. In Latin America, weather observation market was affected by weak macroeconomic conditions especially in Brazil. In APAC, weather observation market was stable, and as a result of a few large projects, Vaisala’s performance improved.

Vaisala's industrial measurement solution orders received increased in all regions. This was a result of favorable market conditions, and Vaisala also grew faster than the addressable market. The growth was strong especially in APAC and in life science market.

Financial Statement Release 2016, February 8, 2017​​ ​​ ​​