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Global Market Size and Growth


MEUR Meteorology Infrastructure​ Transportation​ Energy​
​Market size*​450-500300​300-350​
​Market growth p.a.​0%0-5%​>10%​
​Vaisala market share 2016*​HighHigh​​Low

 Market size total EUR 1,000-1,200 million, ~20% market share

Controlled Environment

​MEUR ​Instruments Power Transmission​ Life Science​
Market size*​​400-450​150-200​250-300
​Market growth p.a.​5%​15%10%
​Vaisala market share 2016​*​Mid​Low​Low

Market size total EUR 800-950 million​ 

Market share indication:
Low <10%
Mid 10-25%
High >25%

* Vaisala estimate of the size of market that is addressable currently or with organic development in the roadmaps