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Vaisala is in a unique position to promote sustainable development through the technologies it offers to its customers. Through its weather solutions, Vaisala safeguards lives and property and reduces environmental impacts. Industrial instruments bring efficiencies and reduce energy and material consumption in customers’ operations. Renewable energy solutions and services optimize site selection and power output for the renewable energy sector. Air quality measurement networks warn citizens and authorities about dangerous levels of pollution in urban areas.

Vaisala pays special attention to the objectives of UN Global Compact in the areas of human and labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption. Vaisala actively monitors and works with its suppliers to extend the same ethical, safety and environmental standards through the supply chain. In 2016, Vaisala strengthened the traceability of raw materials used in sourced components, and continues to develop its capabilities further.

Vaisala is a supporter of a strong climate agenda. Therefore, Vaisala is a member of Caring for Climate, an initiative under UN Global Compact, and Climate Leadership Council, a Finnish initiative for leading sustainable companies, as well as benefactor of Helsinki Metropolitan Smart ‘n’ Clean, a foundation that cultivates Helsinki capital area into a world-class test platform for clean and smart solutions.

Vaisala is also at the forefront in both consuming and developing better ways to produce renewable energy. In 2015, Vaisala made a public commitment to become powered by 100% renewable energy by 2020. Vaisala is a member of RE100, an initiative targeting the world's most influential companies to commit to using 100% renewable power in their operations.

​​Further information about Vaisala’s sustainability is available on the section called Sustainability.​