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Vaisala People

The average number of personnel employed in Vaisala during January-December 2016 was 1,590​. The number of employees at the end of December 2016 was 1,569.

On December 31, 2016, 69% of employees were located EMEA, 23% in the Americas and 8% in APAC. 38%​ of employees were based outside Finland.

Number of employees by geographical area

 December 3​1, 2016December 31, 2015Change
EMEA (excluding Finland)109

Number of employees by function

 Decemb​er 31, 2016Dece​mber 31, 2015Change
Sales and marketing371374-3

During 2016, number of employees decreased in Americas and services functions, as a result of reshaping of Transportation business unit within Weather Business Area.

The decision to reshape Transportation business unit within Weather Business Area led to simplified organizational structure and profitability improvement. In total, these changes led to a reduction of 64 employees of which 11 employees were offered a new job in Vaisala. Most of the employees under the scope of the business transfer in the United States were employed by the acquiring company. In Weather Business Area, business development capability was strengthened by building a business development team and launching new agile business concept creation practices.

In Vaisala’s annual Staff Survey response rate was 85%.  All survey areas developed positively compared to previous year. Engagement is a strength across Vaisala, however, cooperation between teams still requires further improvement.

Leadership development programs for managers and another one for experts started in the US, China and Finland. Also Vaisala Business Learning Program continued. Fifth mentoring program was launched in order to support professional development, enhance leadership and coaching culture across business units and functions.

Vaisala’s ninth Giant Leap Trainee Program took place in Finland, the U.S. and the UK. This program is an important channel to attract and recruit young top talent.



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